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Internet of Things Development

Make your products future ready and fully connected

What is The Internet of things?

The internet of things is the network of physical devices embedded with software that allows them to communicate with each other, collect data from things such as sensors, and cameras. For example, many heating systems can now be controlled by your smart phone, or your smart watch that tracks your steps for the day based on motion. Many products can be adapted to work with other devices, and smart businesses are turning to IOT development to improve their product offering.

How Can Tecware Help with IOT applications?

Tecware will work with you to understand whether your product or service is a viable option for IOT development, and help you to build your IOT solution. From healthcare, to future city planning, the internet of things is set to the biggest growth area over the next decade, as consumers expect more from their products and services.
Tecware - software solutions
Tecware - software solutions
What industries use IOT? The idea that physical devices can ‘speak’ to each other and collect data is set to revolutionise a range of industries. The healthcare sector is already seeing the benefits of things such as smart pills which users ingest, and the pill will send back data as it passes through the body. Manufacturers can make the most of smart technology to build systems which reduce the need for manual counting and labour – the opportunities are endless.
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