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Back Office Development

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Software Solutions for back office systems.

Tecware offer a range of back office solutions to take away the strain of manual tasks. From order monitoring to accounting, we offer bespoke software that will take your processes and make them easier. Our solutions offer great ROI as the automation of processes free up staff to focus on other areas. Technology Used

Back Office System Technology

We offer single page application systems written on bootstrap for ease and speed of development as well as use. Our apps are scalable and expandable and are easy to change and refine as we go. We offer rapid prototyping so your team can quickly see proposed designs and how they interact with the system as a whole.
Tecware - software solutions
Tecware - software solutions
How we Work We will always work to your technology specifications, but we propose writing our applications in pure JavaScript based on an AngularJS framework, allowing your system to be fast and responsive, replacing old sites which can take time to load.
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