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Web Applications

Bespoke development of web systems

fast and easy to learn system for your business fast and easy to learn system for your business

Single Page application or internal, back-office system

In our hyper connected world, any application can be built as a web system meaning that all users can connect and use the system as long as they have an internet connection. Our web applications are dynamic, fast and responsive, offering the same experience as desktop applications.
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How we approach building web system We will tailor your web application to your requirements, creating either MVC 7.0 application, or single page application which run incredibly fast, with no irritating wait times. Single page applications load the entire code upfront, so there is no delay in reloading pages, making it ideal for internal systems.
Tecware - software solutions
Tecware - software solutions
How can you benefit? Wherever possible, we offer all clients web based systems as the first solution, to allow ease of user access. Web applications work incredibly well for both customer facing applications and internal systems. All of our systems are easy to use and understand to speed up your training process.


We specialize in following technologies and approaches:
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Angular js
  • Industry standard Test Driven Development
  • Domain driven development (DDD)
  • Behavioural driven development (BDD)
Examples are :
  • Web applications can be used for a huge variety of areas including
  • Admin panels
  • Software as a Service
  • Customer facing applications
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