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Saas Development

Create Software as a service with us

Why Software as a Service?

Software as service allows a product to be accessible from a browser anywhere in the world. An established business model, Saas can offer companies a great way to build consistent revenue streams, by offering the use of software as service to their clients.
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How we build Software as a Service We offer rapid prototyping and can show you look and feel of your Saas application within a very short time span. You explain your concept – we will build your vision.
Tecware - software solutions
Tecware - software solutions
Why choose us We build our applications in open-ended way so they can scale easily and reliably as the business grows.

What technology will we use

We can use modern frameworks for such development like angularjs and for front–end: bootstrap , angular material ionic etc. We will present you with options and let you decide. Good examples of Saas are:
  • Subscription software
  • Licenced service
  • One off payment services
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