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Software Automation

Automate your business

How can your company benefit from automation? How can your company benefit from automation?

Why automation?

Many processes in a business can be automated freeing staff from doing repetitive tasks that don’t necessarily add value to your business. Bespoke automation software can help you to ensure that you staff can focus on what really matters rather than on menial jobs that can be done via your software.
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How is automation built? We can help identify ways to improve processes in the business and propose solutions that will save time and take burden of these tasks from employees. We will work alongside you to map out your processes and make suggestions on what can be automated and how. From automated reports to automated integration with other software, we can help you transform your business.
Tecware - software solutions
Tecware - software solutions
Real life scenario One of our clients were sending over 20,000 report to their clients. Staff were having to gather data and information from a range of areas and put the reports together manually into a Microsoft document. We met with them and mapped out all of the areas in which the data for the reports were held. We developed an automated system that completely automated a wide range of reports, meaning that they can generate as many reports as the want at the touch of a button.


We can work with your existing tech to come up with the best automated processes for your business. Some of the technologies include
  • .NET C# is common language for automation tasks.
  • Angular Js for enchanced front end look and feel and responsiveness
  • Dev express charts or various free chartings and reports.
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