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Legacy Systems uplift

We can identify parts of the system worth saving and salvaging

Legacy system can be salvaged and saved Legacy system can be salvaged and saved

What is Legacy System?

A legacy system is not a system which is old, and made of outdated technology, it also still works! It can be hard to maintain, but is crucial to your business, and must remain functional in the process of ‘fixing it up’. We can update your legacy system ensuring that it remains fully functional throughout the process, providing you with an updated, modern version of your current software.
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What we offer We offer to fix the system that is causing you a headache, with absolutely no interruption of your current service. We have plenty of experience, and lots of methods to make it work again, work better, of integrate with a brand new system. There are plenty of broken systems across the UK which cannot be touched as they can collapse and start to cause problems in all sort of strange ways! Reasons for this vary from the complexity of the system, to its coupling with other part or it can simply have a poor code base. We can help in any of these scenarios.
Tecware - software solutions
Tecware - software solutions
Who can benefit from such service With technology changing fast, and companies growing and extending their services and products into different areas, we have found that a large range of businesses in all niches will have legacy systems within their business, even if it’s just one component of a larger infrastructure. We have implemented fixes across a wide range of technologies, and are experts at doing this in a non-disruptive way.


We have dealt with classic asp and asp webforms fixing not only systems, but also implementing modern frameworks such as MVC on Angular on top of them. We fully understand a wide range of technology, so can work quickly and efficiently to fix problems.
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