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Database systems development

GDPR compliant data systems for your business

Benefit from secure database systems Benefit from secure database systems

Database Systems

Data is one of the most important aspects to running your business. You hold data on clients, or your finances, on your workforce, and more. Your data needs to be safe, easy to access and most of all, should give you insights into how your business is doing, whether there are issues and show you what you can do better. With the protection of data in the spotlight with forthcoming GDPR, we can help you ensure that your systems will help you to comply with the regulation.
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How tecware builts such database systems We work with you to understand what data you are currently collecting, what you would like to collect and how this data is best utilised. Whether you require a completely new database system from scratch, or are looking for a software company to update and refine your current system we can help. We also understand your security concerns, we ensure that data can only be accessed by those who should have access, ensuring that you comply with all relevant legislation.
Tecware - software solutions
Tecware - software solutions
How have we helped We have helped companies in a wide variety of areas. From building software that can draw data from several systems, and drive insights, to easy to use data management systems, we have the expertise to assist you.


We use Sql Service 2012 and other siimlar databases
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